Thank you for your interest in the Source System. It is a privilege to be able to offer it to you. Below
you will find a brief description of what The Source System Kit contains:

  • Daily Tracking System (Magnet board to track your daily progress)

  • Weekly/Monthly Tracking System to keep track of your on-going progress.

  • “What is the Source?” Focus Guide detailing what the program is, what the 18 Source Life &
    Challenge Areas are, and How to use the system.

  • The 12 Life Area Focus Guides (such as Nutrition, Movement, and Balance & Fulfillment).
    These Guides contain in-depth information and action steps on the area of focus that you
    choose for the current 30-day period. These Focus Guides are a key aspect of the Source and
    empower you in taking the necessary steps towards discovering your design.

  • Body & Life Training Cards (BLT Cards)– 18 Motivational and Daily Life Cards that contain
    tips and direction for each of the 12 Life Areas & 6 Challenge Areas that can be implemented
    on a daily basis to improve your life. The BLT Cards come in a user friendly carrying case
    that transports easily in a purse, briefcase or even in your back pocket.

Source Kits are included in our Source 30.1.12 Interactive Workshop Package. In addition all Source
Conference Call participants are eligible to receive a Source Kit at a discounted price.

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