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If you are interested in receiving the Source in digital audio format to listen via your computer, iPod or your favorite mp3 player, they are available for purchase at the Source Store.  You can listen & complete the course at your own pace.  “Tune in” at your convenience and listen as many times as you want.  Think of it as having The Source On Demand.  "Weight Loss" course is currently available and the "Foundations" course will be coming soon.

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The Source “Foundations” Tele-class:

Would you like to live life to the absolute fullest? Join our signature series of 12 monthly live* conference calls, the “Source Foundations.” These calls will give you everything you need to build a solid base from which to live life. It is the most comprehensive series we offer and all other programs, coaching and seminars are based on these tried & proven concepts. It is your “Foundation for Life.”

• Discover how to live an authentic life & enjoy each moment
• Learn to identify & overcome what is holding you back
• Become more directly involved in creating a balanced & fulfilled life
• Realize your passion & purpose in life then design & take the steps to live it
• Become skilled at taking strategic action to build the life you want
• Improve your relationships by expressing yourself with clarity & truth
• Experience fulfillment & freedom

Together we will do this by focusing on twelve (12) Life Areas:

• Passion/Purpose
• Goals/Organization
• Relationships
• Spirituality/Faith
• Curiosity/Learning
• Balance/Fulfillment
• Rest/Relaxation
• Adventure
• Movement
• Nutrition/Water
• Gratitude/Attitude
• Service/Giving Back  

AND equip you with skills to overcome six (6) Challenge Areas:

• Stress
• Toxic People
• Toxic Food
• Negative Self-Talk
• Procrastination
• Fear

“The moment is over in a moment but what you choose in that moment creates your future.” Chose The Source Foundations to design your future.
*if you miss a call, you have up to 30 days to make it up

The Source For Weight Loss:
A 12 week tele-class designed to equip you to:
The Source for Weight Loss is a weight-loss program deeply rooted in The Source personal development system, that teaches you how to love yourself, embrace your body, celebrate food and thrive in life!  In this program you will learn to:

 * Find freedom in CHOICE and give food less power
 * Connect to SELF and find what really 'feeds' you
 * Balance your hormones and SHIFT your physiology to burn fat
 * Enjoy food and EAT for health and pleasure
 * Commit to MOVEMENT for increased energy and renewed spirit

The Source for Weight Loss gives you a system for living that allows you to break free from old beliefs and limitations around food, exercise, your body and what it means to be healthy.  In doing so, you will more readily follow through with healthy actions that are aligned with your health goals and core values.  Let us help you live the life you were designed to live!

This Source 12-Week Tele-Class is taught by Nutritionist, Author and Director of The Source for Weight Loss, Julie Hammerstein.  Expert guests will be on several of the calls, in the areas of behavior modification, empowerment, relationship, exercise physiology and more.

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The Source Kit:
The Source Starter Kit has everything you need to enhance your Source Program:

Twelve (12) Focus Guides for the Life Areas
• Daily Tracking System (Magnet board to track your daily progress)
• Weekly/Monthly Tracking System to keep track of your on-going progress
• Compact quick reference booklet to take with you “on the go” 

One on One Coaching:
One-on-one coaching through the Source is based on our curriculum. We look at the Life Area(s) you want to focus on and the Challenge Area(s) you are facing and help you move in the direction you want to go. Our goal is always to lend support, guide you in the next steps and ultimately teach you to be your own life coach.

Coaching is $100 per 60 minute session and can purchased in 1, 3, 6 and 12 sessions. Payments can be broken up monthly on larger packages but committing to more sessions ensure your coach has availability. You may choose 1 coach or a combination. For example: You may want one coach for all sessions or you may choose 3 sessions and 3 different coaches or you may choose 6 sessions and 3 coaches that will guide you in 2 calls each, etc. Click here to see the coaches you can choose from For a free 15 minute evaluation to see if any of our coaches are a fit for you, email us at or call 949-455-3778.

Small Group Continuing Connections:
Our small groups are a fabulous place to connect and learn. You will be placed in a small group (6-8) that meet once a month via telephone conference. Each month you will have the opportunity to share your goals and challenges as well as celebrate your successes. You will move forward and grow as you are personally coached and listen to others coached each month. The classes are lead by a certified Source Coach. The fee is only $25 per month and includes a personal 15 minute “touch base” call with your coach if needed. Please email us at if you are interested.


Corporate Wellness:
Why invest in Wellness? Because Corporate Wellness Doesn’t Just Save Money; It Makes Money

The Source specializes in Corporate Wellness. In fact, our program is headed by Catherine Rudat who earned the 2010 & 2011 California Fit Business ‘GOLD’ award for a corporate client. This award recognizes “the best well-rounded wellness program in California.”

Improve your employees overall heath by looking at customized program designed to improve employees’ health, productivity, career satisfaction and safety awareness all while cutting your bottom line.

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Communication Continuum:
How you communicate with yourself, your family, friends and co-workers ultimately determines the quality of your life. Communication is the key to growth in all aspects of our lives.

Rather than making assumptions, reacting to feelings and staying stuck in repetitive cycles, we want your life, relationships and career to move forward. We know the Communication Continuum will provide you with the awareness, tools and strategies for effective communication in all aspects of your life. Enjoy this FREE Re-Source.

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Free Resources:

Please click on the links listed below to access our free resources:

A Personal Message from Kathrine Lee MP3
Kathrine Lee on the Dr. Carol Show:  Align with Change: How to get though a new season of life (14 min) MP3

Kathrine Lee on the Dr. Carol Show: Attitude and Gratitude (13 min) MP3

Kathrine Lee on the Dr. Carol Show: How To Make Failure Work For You (12 min) MP3

Kathrine Lee on the Dr. Carol Show: How To Maintain Weight Loss (11 min) MP3

Kathrine Lee on the Dr. Carol Show: Overcoming Hunger MP3

Kathrine Lee on the Dr. Carol Show: How to Deal with Toxic People MP3

Kathrine Lee on the Dr. Carol Show: Healthy Habits MP3

Kathrine Lee on the Dr. Carol Show: Relationships - Resolving Conflict  (15 min) MP3 - Handout PDF

The Source: Weight Loss Journal 1 PDF

The Source: Weight Loss Journal 2 PDF

The Source: Healthy Shopping List PDF

The Source: Portion Control Guide PDF

The Source: Wallet Portion Control Guide

The Source: Simple Seven Commitment PDF

The Source: Quick Start Guide PDF

The Source: Quick Start Guide with Fill-ins PDF
The Source - Prioity Planning Worksheet (blank) PDF  NEW
The Source - Prioity Planning Worksheet (example) PDF NEW

The Source - Prioity Planning Audio MP3 NEW

Gift Certificates:
Give the gift that will last a lifetime!
You can now give The Source to those you care about. Gift certificates are available to cover registration & materials or the whole course. Want to pay for 1/2?  We can do that too. You can customize your gift
by choosing any amount. Simply email us at and tell us how much you want to give. We will email you your certificate. (see sample)  Advance someone’s future today!



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