The Source: 30.1.12™

Come & Experience The Source™ Personal Development
A Revolutionary New Wellness System that will enable you to Discover & Design Your Best Life through Body & Life Training! 

"The Source Foundations" 12 Month Tele-Class

$25 per month for 12 months + $50 Registration & Materials

This package includes: 

• Source Enrollment & Personal Workbook
• Personal Access Code for Twelve 60 min. Classes
• Monthly Source Connections and Support
• Discount on Source Kit (sold separately)


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"The Source for Weight Loss" 12 Week Tele-Class

$25 per month for 3 months + $25 Registration & Materials

This package includes: 

• Source Enrollment & Materials
• Personal Access Code for Twelve 60 min. Classes
• Source Connections and Support


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What past Source Clients are saying:

What has The Source has meant to me? It is a way to think differently and to channel my thoughts & actions in a more meaningful way. I believe as a result of The Source, I am more balanced and I am handling the stress better. The reminder to be more authentic is helpful as well. I am learning to put aside the things I cannot change and take care of myself better. -Jackie T.

Words can't express how much I've enjoyed being part of The Source training for the second time. In my opinion, it is the most well balanced approach to life and wellness available. Learning to live in each of the life areas and having the resources you provide stimulates growth in a reasonable amount of time to help move the information from my head to my heart so that I can serve myself and others as I live life. I'm learning, growing and loving it!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. -Mary Ann F.

The focus on just the 1 Life Area of Nutrition & Water has made such a difference in my life already. I've lost 7-8 pounds. I am excited! I feel SO much better already. I am so grateful to The Source for the timely reminders about what a healthy life and nutrition looks and feels like! -Nora J.

I just wanted to thank you for providing The Source!! I so appreciate the opportunity to be anchored in one topic of personal development a month!! This support is very significant and powerful!!! -Jan R.

You asked me to send you any observations/thoughts regarding my team members who participated in the Source in 2010. I have watched her use the concepts in the Source throughout the year. She made the choice to get serious about her business after 9 years of being a content at the same level. She has always loved the product – and liked getting the discount– however she had not caught the vision for the business. I encouraged her to do the Source for her own personal development overall – not necessarily just for business.
In February her total production was less than 1000 – at the close of August business it was 14,000. She hit a major goal for the first time just 3 months into the program. I have watched her morph into a leader who is passionate about her business. I watched her do a presentation and was stunned at the change. She has confidence – she is trained well on verbiage –she does not lie down and cry when someone says no. She is fearless now and is determined to make this her career now so she has choices in life. The system of the Source has been key. -Kathy C.

What has The Source done for me? It has brought a new awareness to everything I say and do! Before something comes out of my mouth, I strive to think of a better way to say it so that it will reflect, say Curiosity and Learning or is someone’s Love Language, and before I put something IN my mouth, I think about whether it will build me up or tear me down. It has also reinforced that I actually already do a lot of good things for myself and others, such as Movement, Nutrition, and Giving Back, and it has made me want to do more.
I’m also in a much better place in my business now that I understand the stages of change. I can better understand where people are coming from and am much more accepting and at peace with their decisions. This has taken so much stress off of me, I can’t even tell you, and I’m really enjoying my business, talking with people, and truly caring for them. -Lisa E





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