Kathrine Lee
Co-creator and Executive Director of the Source

Kathrine is the Co-Creator & Executive Director of The Source. Kathrine created The Source so that individuals could live the extraordinary life they were designed to live. She is an internationally recognized speaker and has touch millions with her message of hope and transformation. She specializes in equipping each person with the tools to overcome anything that weighs them down. She has worked with companies such as Boeing, Disney & DIRECTV. You may recognize Kathrine from one of her appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show or by reading her story in O Magazine. It has been said of Kathrine: “She has an amazing ability to connect, inspire and equip others with the confidence to transform their life from ordinary to extraordinary.”

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Catherine A. Rudat
Director of Corporate Wellness & Source Coach

Catherine Rudat is one of the Nation's leading health and wellness experts. Catherine earned the 2010 & 2011 California Fit Business 'GOLD' award for the best well-rounded wellness program for her clients. Catherine specializes in all aspects of health and wellness including fitness, health & nutrition, safety, stress management, and personal development.

Catherine & The Source provide cutting edge programs to businesses eager to enhance the lifestyle and productivity of their staff. With a college education and advanced certifications specializing in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, Catherine earned her degrees from the University of California Davis, and a Masters degree from California State University Fullerton. Additionally, she has earned certifications from The National Academy of Sports Medicine and from California State University Fullerton in Balance and Mobility. In addition, Catherine is certified clinician in "Educator of Effective Communication Strategies" with the Want Institute and has been personally trained by the founder, Dr. Patricia Allen. This certificate enables Catherine to teach the principles of communicating with integrity, Catherine specializes in teaching how to create win/win situations personally and professionally.

Along with heading our Corporate Wellness Division, Catherine is a Source Specialist in the Life Areas of Nutrition, Movement & Relationships.


Julie Hammerstein
Source Coach, Speaker, Author, Nutritionist

Every year Julie helps thousands of people take back their health by following a simple step-by-step plan that gets results.  Through her extensive training in clinical nutrition and lifestyle coaching, she has created a winning formula that gets people to think differently about health, so that they will act differently to build life-long healthy habits.  She is the author of Fat Is Not a Four-Letter Word and the creator of the 4-DVD set Max’s Minutes: The A-Z’s of Healthy Living, which she produced with her son Max.

Julie is also the Host of Real Nutrition on the MomTV network, and was the Nutritional Life-Coach for the TV documentary Fitting In, which aired on ABC Family.  Julie lives in Denver with her fiancé Andrew, and their two boys, Kai and Max.  She loves spending time in nature and running the beautiful trails throughout Colorado.  She also loves to cook and spends her free time entertaining friends and family with healthy meals made from the heart.

For more information, you can visit Julie's website at www.juliehammerstein.com.


Taryn Bellavance
Source Coach

Taryn Bellavance has a mission to inspire hope & health in families. She loves teaching and encouraging others to enjoy better health through good nutrition and exercise.

Taryn got her bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Mass Communication at the University of Northern Colorado and then pursued a career in advertising management and corporate training at Freedom Communications in Southern California where she facilitated sales and personal development programs such as Franklin Covey’s “What Matters Most.”

After 16 years in corporate, Taryn started her own business in the wellness industry so she could pursue a growing passion for helping people get healthy through whole food nutrition. Recently, she expanded her company, Phyto Foods Made Simple, to include classes online, and at a local wellness center, teaching how to cook and eat a healthy plant-based diet. She provides the education and tools that make it appealing, affordable and easy for people to enjoy better health and ideal weight by eating more “phyto foods.”

Taryn specializes in the Life Areas of Nutrition and Goal/Organization.

She lives at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, Colorado where she enjoys an active lifestyle raising two healthy kids with husband Don.


Kathy Crockett, Ph.D.
Source Coach

Kathy Crockett, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of the Master of Science in Leadership at Lubbock Christian University, where she has served since 1997.  Her teaching areas include marketing, management, and leadership.  She graduated from Texas A&M University and then completed graduate work related to management and consumer behavior from Texas Tech University.  She also recently completed an additional Master’s degree in leadership.  Kathy is an entrepreneur, serving as a National Marketing Director for an organization focusing on wellness and nutrition.  She is also a certified facilitator for the Franklin Covey seminar entitled Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results.  Kathy develops customized leadership trainings and seminars for students, non-profit organizations, and corporate groups nationwide.  She has been married to the love of her life, Steve, for 15 years. They have two daughters, Calley and Maddy who bring so much joy to their lives.

Along with being certified to teach The Source Foundations Class, Kathy is a Source Specialist in Goals/Organization, Gratitude/Attitude and Service/Giving Back.


Mary Buchan (RN, BSN)

Wellness Educator and Weight Loss Coach

Hello, I’m Mary Buchan, your Lifestyle RN.

I’m looking forward to working with you and learning about your health needs.  Please feel free to contact me via e-mail with any questions you may have.  I’m here to serve you in an effort to create the healthy lifestyle you’re striving for!

“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.” ~ Arabic Proverb


I attended Capital University School of Nursing in Columbus, Ohio, where I earned my degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  I have a current North Carolina Nursing License, and my certifications include the following:

  • Nutrition Specialist (American Academy of Sports Nutrition)
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Instructor (Pro Health Sports & Fitness Institute)
  • Certified Life Coach (with I Live The Source)
  • Wellness Program Coordinator (with WebMD)

Work Experience:

  • More than 15 years as a medical surgical nurse in a hospital setting.
  • Over 10 years of experience in community health and wellness nursing, providing preventive healthcare, health education, weight loss, and wellness programs.
  • Worked as a Health Coach helping hundreds of people lose weight, including employees of Carolinas Health Care System through a Medical Referral Program called Live Well Carolina.
  • Effective public speaker, facilitator, and instructor in forums such as businesses, churches, and civic groups, YMCA’s, hospitals, senior citizens’ and women’s groups. Topics include nutrition, fitness, stress management, weight loss, work-life balance, and disease-specific education.
  • Program coordinator of healthy lifestyle programs and support groups, including stroke, cancer, diabetes, weight loss, and cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Leadership as a corporate health nurse with Carolinas Healthcare and the YMCA, providing health evaluations, fitness prescriptions, and individual consultations.

Areas of Specialization:

My true passion is to help brave hearted women age 40 and over navigate big life changes. I want to help them experience more vitality so they can live life with purpose, meaning, and fun.  I love coaching women through empty nests, menopause, and reinvention.  I’m convinced you can make the rest of your life the best of your life!

Fun Facts About Me:

1. I’m a recent graduate of Super Mom Academy. The last of my 3 babies is now grown and flown. I survived the boot camp years of parenting, including being a taxi mom, basketball mom (my baby is 6’4’ and wears a size 15 shoe), and survivor of the Zombie Mom years when my teenagers seemed like Aliens. The dust is now settling on my empty nest, and I’m looking forward to a new chapter in life.

2. Spanx and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy have been life changers for me!

3. I listen to classic rock while I’m driving. What’s funny, my son and I like the same music. I play my electric air guitar at stop lights and the music gets turned up full throttle when Aerosmith comes on with “Walk This Way.”

4. I love murder mysteries and romantic comedies. Hulu & Netflix have made it possible for me to have my own cinema therapy mini-marathons with shows like Lost, Heroes, and Downton Abbey.

5. I thrive on exercise! I used to run, and once finished the 26.2-mile Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC. But lately I have switched to power walking, swimming and spinning which are much easier on the joints!

6. As a singer/songwriter I’ve spent many years writing, performing and producing music projects, including Hidden Door with Lamon Records. I have recently transitioned into Jazz and am currently a Laser Records artist, with the title release Mari.

7. I served as a Medical Missionary in Haiti. I will always have a Haiti-Shaped place in my heart! Check out this You-Tube song co-written with Laser Records Founder & CEO Andre Ferreri, The Day Haiti Quaked, sung by Mari.

8. I love being a Baby Boomer! You can follow me on Facebook & Twitter @BabyBoomerChix.  I’m at the tail end of the Boomer generation, so I call myself a caboose. I hope to show the world that at 50 (or so) you can still be edgy, creative, attractive, sexy and productive in life. Watch out world, us Boomers are not finished yet. We’re still out to change the world!

9. One of my favorite things to do is blog. I love to research, write, and learn. I just celebrated my one- year “Blog-Aversary.” It’s so much fun to write & collaborate with Baby Boomer Chix Like Me…and Baby Boomer Chaps! Join me on an exciting adventure into second adulthood as I share our stories and redefine what it means to age well.

For more information and to read my blog please visit my web-site: www.MaryBuchan.com


Pamela C. Grant
Source Coach

Pamela C. Grant, MSOE is an author, speaker, internationally recognized coach and management consultant, as well as a Licensed Career Counselor. She has more than 22 years of experience in corporate management working with Fortune 500 companies, smaller companies and individuals in virtually every field. Pamela is the founder and President of Life Callings™.

Pamela is the author of "Career Callings™; Bringing Who You Are To What You Do", Pamela is a much sought after speaker for training, keynotes, group events and conferences.

Pamela’s unique combination of education and experience has produced exceptional results for both her corporate and personal clients. She uses proven assessments, needs and values analysis, and a variety of other consulting and coaching techniques. One of the unique aspects of her work is determining and addressing the factors that undermine personal and corporate success.

In her previous career, she worked as a senior manager for several major airlines until receiving her Masters of Occupational Education. She then formed Life Callings™ in order to help others avoid the stagnation and lethargy she had felt in her own corporate career. Pamela's principal innovation in the career-counseling field is to bring the concept of "spirit-centered" investigation to the process of finding what's best for each individual.

Pamela is a specialist in the Life Areas of Passion/Purpose, Goals/Organization, Relationships & Gratitude/Attitude.


Rene Hader
Source Coach & Creative Director for the Source

Rene Hader is a professional speaker & writer. She is the creator of the Live Life! programs and the “Hello Gorgeous!” periodical for women. Rene has been involved in personal development and life enhancement for over twenty years and has worked with creative luminaries such as Disney Studios’ Clair Weeks and Jack Schlatter of “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” Rene’s speaking programs focus on health and self-image with a twist of fun and a great big dose of inspiration! If you want to “Live Life with Style,” Rene is the coach for you. She has been affectionately named the “Life Style Coach” by the Source Family.

Rene is a Source Specialist in the Life Areas of Balance/Fulfillment, Adventure and Rest/Relaxation.


Helen Chade Mahshi
Creative Writer for The Source

Helen Chade Mahshi has been passionate about writing since she served as campus editor of her college newspaper. Helping others share their story, whether they be individuals or companies is what she does best. Helen owns Mahshi Communications and has been writing newsletters, brochures, press releases and even radio commercials for various corporations and local businesses. Mahshi is also a freelance, magazine writer who enjoys writing about parenting and family-related topics. She has been featured in magazines such as CBN.com, MomsNext Ezine, orthodoxcircle.com and the San Clemente Journal.


Corryn Newlan
Director of Social Media

Corryn has an amazing ability to think outside the box. She understands the latest trends of social media and always has her hand on the pulse of the latest technology. All of these attributes make her a great asset to our team. She was recently accepted to attend the San Francisco Academy of the Arts in the fall of 2011. She will continue to work for The Source as she follows her own Passion/Purpose of becoming an illustrator.


Michael Lee
Director of Business Relations

Michael has been involved in corporate training & management since 1992.  He worked for 10 years as a National Sales Manager in the banking industry, hiring and training a very successful team.  He is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Decision Health Services, Inc.  As Director of Business Relations for The Source, Michael oversees the billing, customer service and fulfillment departments.  He is also the “man behind the scenes” for every event, tele-class and web event the Source hosts.  Michael says his most important “role” in The Source is his partnership with his wife, Source Founder, Kathrine Lee.  Michael enjoys being a dad to their three great kids and is always up for a good round of golf.


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